Eurpack, italian leader  in the production  of primary and secondary packaging for industries in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, healthcare  e mass retailers areas.

Artistic support and strategic empowerment to final certified and guaranteed product.
Eurpack Group offer their competences to the best realization of packaging, rendering, printing files, storage solutions and set-up

5 department

We offer to our Customers R&D service specialized in Innovative Packaging.


Eurpack manufactured the first cardboard boxes in 1912: one hundred years of experience to fullfill high quality product as result of accurate design,  know-how and care for graphic and comunicative strength of packaging.

Aluminium for Blister

Eurpack is equipped with production lines in clean rooms for production of primary packaging. Competence in technical analysis and printing allows high results for different markets.


Flexibility in dimensions, finishing and big production capacity make of this division a centre of excellence. Quality is guaranteed by 100% controls.


A center completely dedicated to artwork for all packaging sectors. Eurpack support customers in the management and promotion of all specifications.


A division is specialized in the design and production of all materials for shops.

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