Aluminium for Blister

Eurpack is equipped with production lines in clean rooms for production of primary packaging. Competence in technical analysis and printing allows high results for different markets.


Excellence and safety for pharma blister

Eurpack has advanced instrumentation for pharma production and can offer in short time innovative and customized products .

Printing on aluminium for blister is one of the excellence in the Group: highly precise and flexible flexo printing allows good quality on aluminium and on laminates.

Printing process takes place in controlled rooms, a set of instruments which guarantees product control  together with supervision in the production steps longwise.

Printing is realized on 3 lines  con avanzamento in millimetri o pollici, in two locations which guarantee the same quality standard and which act as back up in case of need.

Efficiency and dynamic management let Eurpack offer to customers short delivery times in respect of a superior quality level.


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