Flexibility in dimensions, finishing and big production capacity make of this division a centre of excellence. Quality is guaranteed by 100% controls.

Information leaflets but also regulatory documents you can find in pharma have little dimensions and are precious to  a correct use of the drug.  Their readability and comprehension are tied to printing quality.

The equipment  to print and to fold the leaflets are available in 3 different plants acting as back up. The whole process  is under electronic control at 100%. The high technology of the production lines and the efficient management allow the execution of the items in short time. Equipment is made of 2 printing lines in reels, 3 slitting machines, 3 folding machines and 3 packing systems.

This ultimate technical equipment allows different sides and finishing : 2 to 10 line folding, 2 to 6 cross folding. To this asset we join also areas dedicated to special labelling.

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